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“How do I determine what’s right for me?”

Determine if you are eligible for any federal healthcare subsidies by using the Healthcare Calculator.

Many times the need for individual coverage may arise.  We work with specialists who focus on providing alternatives for family, individual and medicare plans.   If you have any questions please use the contact form below.  One of our specialists will be in touch with you within 24 hours.  If you prefer, we also provide you with the option of researching your options through one of the following carriers.  Just click on their logo and you be will directed to their website.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Are you approaching age 65?

As you contemplate retirement and the conversion from your group or individual health insurance to Medicare, another consideration is how to fill the gap between Medicare and the actual cost of a prescription, doctor visit or hospitalization.   Also with the continuing increases in group health care costs, many working seniors are also discovering that enrolling in Medicare alongside a Supplemental Plan is less expensive than staying on their employer’s plan.   Our Medicare and Senior Plan experts are available to help you navigate through this maize of choices.  Contact us at:  1-888-887-4325 and ask to speak with our Medicare Specialist.  Or fill out the online request below and we will contact you.

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