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PURPOSE: We market insurance services and products to the private and public sector for profitable growth.


Internal: We promote an environment of trust, cooperation, open communication and teamwork in order to meet the purpose of the organization and needs of our clientele. We encourage individuals personal and professional development.

We foster professionalism and personal accountability from every employee to achieve quality and we encourage thinking outside the box. We recognize and encourage a “go for it” attitude to find growth and profitable opportunities for RCP & Associates and our employees.

External: We recognize a market opportunity and respond effectively to develop a viable working system to meet the need.

We provide our clients with ‘world class service’ by listening to their objectives and respond by providing excellent service, product and support to accomplish their employee benefit planning goals.


Fulfill our commitment to our employees, clients and our community by following through on promises that our organization makes. To create goodwill by sharing our success with community sponsored events through our subsidiary RCP Events, Inc.