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Saving Money

Saving money on employee benefits is a must in today’s economy. The cost of providing benefits is rising significantly, while employees consistently seek more and more from their benefits packages. Many employers struggle to balance employee needs with their own capabilities and bottom lines. Helping you meet these divergent objectives is our specialty.

For years, Robert C Placak & Associates Insurance Services has been providing insurance and employee benefits consulting services to the business community. Built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership, and excellence, we are committed to delivering tailored benefit solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services, and technology-based solutions.

Professional Services

Using advanced technology and consulting expertise, we provide a variety of value-added professional services to our clients. These services reduce customer costs, increase efficiency and improve employee satisfaction—bringing your employee benefits programs to new heights in quality and performance.

Human Resources Tools

We recognize that many employers are seeking a more effective and efficient means of communicating important information to their employees. Robert C Placak & Associates Insurance Services can offer a complete online employee communication tool that lets employers manage and communicate important company information in one secure and convenient location. Employees can access the system at any time from any computer with internet access.

Custom Communication

Our firm will help you tackle your mounting employee communication challenges. With strategic planning and thorough understanding of your communication objectives, we provide custom communication materials that will help your employees understand their plans and the issues influencing your benefits decisions.

We can assist you with all phases of employee communication, from employee meetings to payroll stuffers and informative brochures about employee benefits and wellness.


Today, technology-based systems are forging the way toward improved communications, increased productivity, streamlined processes, and saving money for many human resources and benefits departments. Leading-edge technology lets us provide our customers with the latest data analysis, legislative news, and communication and human resources tools.

Strategic Planning

We will develop a customized strategic plan for you that defines your objectives and outlines the actions needed to fulfill those objectives. Our strategic planning services ensure an organized, complete approach to fulfilling your benefits needs.

National Affiliations

In addition to our own talented professionals and specialized services, we have a wealth of resources available to us through several national affiliations.

Legislative Briefs

The exclusive Legislative Brief publication summarizes recent federal legislative developments in the insurance and employee benefits industries.